Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Living like Royalty, Buckingham Palace...

Hello! So apart from being swallowed up by collage work in the last week, I took the chance to join a coach load of friends on an annual visit to London! 

For the trip, I wore my super comfy new boots from Clarks! It really pays of to have a great quality pair of shoes when your walking all day, and my boots didn't let me down! As we seem to have finally lost the summer sunshine, I opted for a denim jacket with my new tartan skirt to keep me warm and some thick socks too!
 I love London (but then again, who doesn't) and this time we planned a picnic in the park, to visit a few art gallery's for my art coursework and an all important trip to Buckingham palace. Unfortunately I wasn't allowed to use my camera in the palace (boo) but it was definitely worth the visit, as the state rooms are truly beautiful! It's hard not to be drawn into the golden magnificence of the palace with the decorative crystal chandeliers hanging overhead and I have to admit the audio guide background music even had me waving like a queen...
The history of the British monarchy is fascinating, and this is clearly a strong influence in the rooms open for public viewing, and the family portraits on show tell the story of generations of royals. 
I'd also recommend checking out the gardens and the all important gift shop - though I wasn't keen on the £10 pens.. When you arrive at the palace, there's lots of air port style security before your handed an audio guide, which you use through most of the rooms, it's also handy to know that if you accidentally loose your place on the audio guide each room has numbers which you can type in to refresh your guide. We were also treated to a fab view of the 'changing of the guards' along with hundreds of others hoping to see the parade. It's fab to see the guards in there swanky red uniforms and made me quite envious of their epic sense of rhythm!

As you already know my love of history is touch obsession, so I also visited the Imperial War Museum which although under construction, was fab! I'd strongly recommend the Holocaust exhibition and the Horrible History Spies area looks great too. One thing I would recommend is bringing your own food as museum cafe's are never cheap and getting the tube rather than warning as it's situated quite a way from the buzz of Westminster.

As for the rest of the day we caught a quick tube ride to Oxford Street, as every London trip requires a small dosage of shopping! We found a gem of a place to eat called 'st. Christopher's place' which was a little area just off Oxford Street which had loads of little eateries and boutique shops. I'd definitely recommend visiting during a intense shopping trip as it's not far from Oxford Street. After a gentle stroke through the designer handbags in Selfridges, we were soon back in the bus wishing we could have stayed a bit longer!

What Were Wearing:

Charlotte (left): Skirt/Boots - Top Shop, Jumper -
Miss Selfridge.
Myself (left in right photo): Jacket/Satchel - OASAP, Boots - Clarks, Skirt - Primark.
Lydia (right, in second photo down): Jeans - Primark, Military Jacket - H&M.
Sarah (middle in above photo): Playsuit - New Look, Shoes - Dorothy Perkins.

 So that's how I've been spending the weekend. If only every weekend was exciting, as my usually Saturdays consist of piles of homework and plodding around the house in pyjamas! 

Anybody else do anything interesting with their weekend? 

Lots of Love,


  1. Ur experience to palace makes me want to visit it now.. :)
    Keep in touch,

  2. Look like you are having fun with your friends! Last night my family was discussion where to visit in December and we kind of decided on London! <3


  3. I am SO jealous of all these pictures. I am dying to go to London. Crossing my fingers for a trip there in 2014!


  4. You obviously had a swell time. London is on my bucket list and I can't wait. Thanks for sharing.

    Thanks for stopping by mine. You have a lovely blog and of course I think it will be nice to follow each other. Following you now :)


  5. I miss London so much! I need to visit again if I ever have the money *lol*
    Your pictures turned out really pretty. :)
    Thank you for checking out my blog. x Followed <3
    - Elina

  6. Hi, honey! You're so goooorgeous!
    We follow your fb fan page and we follow you via Bloglovin'

    Eva e Valentina
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  7. woww!! really want to visit London one day~
    Love your bag!! It's super pretty~
    xx Charmaine


  8. Thanks for the lovely comment on my blog :)

    Sure..I followed ya on GFC..hope you will follow back

  9. Amazing post!
    Your blog is very nice, I like it :)
    Vould you like to follow eachother on GFC and bloglovin?
    Let me know, then I'll do the same back!

    Elena, http://ducotedelena.blogspot.fr/

  10. I love your blog <3



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