Tuesday, 15 October 2013

It's time to wrap up - Coat Wishlist..

A little update from me first. I've been on stage all week, performing in a musical production of Carousel! It's been such an exciting week, however everything has been on hold, so I now have a lengthy 'to do' list to compete with. Hopefully you'll forgive me for today's short an sweet 'wishlist' post, as I'm excited to show you some of the beautiful textures and colours of the coats currently hitting the high street!

1. Khaki Short Parka £55 - Dorothy Perkins.
If your looking for a coat which you can thrown on during a Autumn shopping trip, and want it to last right through to spring, then I'd definitely recommend a parka style coat, as they're great 'all year' jackets. I particularly liked this one, as it's got fur inside, and a hood to dodge those typical UK showers..
2. Mohair coat £120 - Asos
So pink has taken over this winter, and this over sized detective style coat has to be my personal favourite, as it will look effortless with rolled up jeans. Think modern barbie, and be daring with splashes of yellow and pink - yes I've seen it done!
3. Beige Coat £49.99 - H&M 
I love the H&M basic collections, and their range of coats never disappoint. This coat will really give your winter wardrobe a vintage twist and if you love the 'oversized' look (which is always a great excuse to wear Grandad jumpers) this coat will match up with some patterned trousers and thick boots.
4. Checked Coat £129 - Zara
Another huge trend this winter is Tartan (and not just the kilt sort). If your looking for something that looks good now, but will stay on trend next year, then this checked coat is perfect - plus the quality of Zara coats is amazing, so no frost bite for you!
5. Fluffy Swing Boyfriend Pink coat £89 - Top Shop
Finally, how could I miss out this Fluffy pink coat from Top Shop, I warned you Barbie was cool, and well for ultimate warmth there's nothing better than a fluffy coat (am I right).

Have you brought your winter coats yet? My wish list could be so much longer, but I'm still clinging to last years coat until payday!

Lots of Love,


  1. Beautiful collection! I love the camel coat <3

  2. I love the first coat! I used to have one just like it & now I'm searching for a new one!

  3. I have just bought a coat like the first one but mine has leather sleeves.
    Great post, love your blog!

    gemma x

    please come and check out mine sometime :)


  4. Love #5 and thanks so much for your sweet comment earlier on my blog. Yes I would love to follow each other, so I followed you first. I'm #441 on GFC dear and hope you follow back! :)

    xx Easy Outfits, by Pip

  5. Great selection! Thanks for stopping by, sure we can follow each other! I'm following you on GFC, waiting for you to follow back! xx



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