Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Pretty little satchels...

So it's start of the week (though it doesn't it feel like it) and a little gift that can through the post over the weekend is what's going to keep me going!

As you may (or may not) know, I have a teeny obsession with satchels, and my latest gift from Oasap has certainly made me very handbag proud!

With a wide variety of beautiful colours I chose a deep green bag with a tan lace around the edges. The bag is not leather, but is made to a high quality which could easily fool the eye. I particularly liked the sewing details around the outside if the bag which add character and make the beg look more rustic. The size of the satchel is perfect for a day out, as you can fit all the necessities in without having to worry about space/bumping into every person you pass/wishing you'd brought your brolly after convincing yourself you wouldn't need it. It's structured frame makes it suitable for work/collage too, and the little pockets on the front make it suitable for storing the 'I'm going to  loose these' items'.

As the first showers of September left me with a cold this weekend - going to a university open day without my coat was not a sensible idea - I'm being a little brave in my outfit choice. I chose a little skater skirt I brought in a river island sale a few years ago, with a new look coral blouse and my shoes which are a new addition to my collection of brogues! As it's London Fashion Week at the moment - though I'm trying to avoid this topic, being gutted I'm not there - I've been getting far too excited about Summer 2014, and forgetting about the long winter I'm sure we've got in store. For that reason, this may be my last 'without tights' post for a while now...so be prepared for woolly tights, thick jumpers and oversized coats!

What I'm Wearing: Bag - OASAP, Top - New Look, Skirt - River Island.
That's all from me, make sure you check out the OASAP winter collection - it looks fab and well I'm a tad obsessed already!

Have a lovely week, wherever you are!

Lots of Love,


  1. Its a beautiful satchels , oasap has amazing stuff.. Loved your outfit.... Specially the skirt..
    Keep in touch,

  2. so cute! great bag!

  3. Very cute bag!


  4. What a cute bag! It seems perfect for autumn :)



  5. Really nice colour and size.

  6. That satchel is gorgeous, I might have to get myself one!


  7. Lovely satchel! I like your outfit.. Im pulling out the oversized sweaters already haha...

    Hugs, Brittany, xx


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  9. Thank you for commenting in my blog last month!
    I really love your blog, you're so cute.
    Im going to follow you :)


  10. Hi, I've featured you on my '10 Blogs I Recommend post' you can check the post out here http://www.blue-bow.co.uk/2013/09/10-blogs-i-recommend-you-check-out.html

    S x

  11. This satchel is gorgeous! :) xx


  12. Thank you for commenting in my blog last month!
    I really love your blog, you're so cute.

    ..and I have followed you. I mostly write on leather jackets do follow my blog sometime....


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