Sunday, 27 January 2013

'Too school for cool,' SS13 inner CHIC style...

My Pantomime show finally over! I've had such a great time with all the cast and it's 'bring on the after show party' now!

Since finally returning to civilisation, I've been sooooooooooo excited about the return of slogan's and a new adoption of the 'inner CHIC,' featuring all over the high-street! 
It's been a few years since it was acceptable to go out in with your favourite catch phrase on your jumper, and pull off a combination of 'school girl nerd' with 'cool chic' - but it's back! I was inspired by Ashish's collection for Summer/Spring 2013 collection, which covered everything a 'too school for cool' teenager could ever need in their wardrobe!

 Below is some great snaps form the collection, my own trend wardrobe wishlist, and how celebrities are wearing it!

I also loved the fresh take on the messy bun, throughtout the collection. Using the old school scrunchies to hold a side bun in place - look out for my own 'step by step tutuorial' on that soon! 

Check out the rest of the collection here:

With a highly needed shopping trip, I've been puttign together my own trend wishlist...

I just love the Top Shop dress, and Geek slogan top! They look great, and you can pair them up with your favourite skater skirts, frilly socks and converst! The red college top is from missguided, and Kapow jumper from Boohoo. These are a great way to dress for a casual SS13 outing; and take some inspiration from Ashish's collection, and add some glitter to make your outfit stand out! 

 Little Mix ROCK this style. They're whole style screams CHIC!
 Here's little mix on Dancing on Ice, they look amazing in their chick/geek look! I love how Leigh show's off her printed slogan tee and follows the trend, by pairing with a glittery sequin skirt! LOVE IT!

Anyway, I'm off now!

Lots of Love,


  1. I am in love with Ashish collection!! One of my favorites for SS13.


  2. You are so lucky that teens nowadays have all the luxury to be fashionable and can express it to the world through internet/blogging. I wish they have this back in my time. lol! Anyway, I love all your wishlist pieces...I found you on Bloggers and I'm your newest Gfc follower. Hope to see you in my blog too.. xx

    It's me Kaye!

    1. Hi Kaye!
      Thanks so much for your lovely comment - I have to say I'm always grateful to the internet for the chance to blog everyday!
      I'll check your blog out now!
      Grace X

  3. love this collection! would you like to follow each other? let me know!


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