Sunday, 6 January 2013

'I am Sixteen, Going on Seventeen' It's Party Time...

I'm going to be 17 tomorrow - how scary is that?
Seeing as my birthday falls on the unluckiest day of the year (back to school...) I had a lovely get together with some great friends on Saturday night to celebrate - and have a good catch up.
In true 'Childhood Style', we had all the party classic games, with some punch to add some spice to the evening, and I even got a princess cake! I've selected some of the less atrocious photos to share with you...

No prince charming this year, But I was more than pleased with my pink princess cake!!!!
My lovely friends! X
 The first party game 'wrap the money' - you have to completely wrap the person up in toilet role - the one who uses up the role first - WINS ;D .... though my team, spent more time making sure our mummy was fully wrapped, rather than using up the role.
our completed mummys! What do you think? It's a No.1 party game. Above; Allie and Sarah
 Our next game was the 'straws' game. Basically you have 1 minute to move as many sugar puffs as you can from one bowl into another, using only a straw... I must say I was very out of breath after - probably from laughing so much, but it's great fun!!! Above: Emily and Myself.
 Though they don't look the most excited here - we played our own version of 'deal or no deal'.... Each person picked a bag at random, then I 'as host' selected the order of presents to open. On each present was a amount of money (which was only up to £50.) My friends got to keep their presents, and I was offered envelopes depending on how many 'higher' values I had left... I took the booby prize of 2 theatre tickets (WHICH I WAS MORE THAN PLEASED ABOUT!) It's a great game, so if you wan't more details, do not hesitate to contact me!
 Me and my lovely friend Lauren!
 Me and Charlotte - who you've probably seen in previous posts!
 Another lovely friend of mine; Sarah! I wanted to steal her jumper, but I resisted....

So here's to another birthday. Another year older into my teenage hood - and still surviving it!
If you back at school/work/whatever else, tomorrow; good luck and if you think that's bad - just think of me being at school on my BIRTHDAY!!!!!!

Lots of Love,


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  2. Happy Birthday!!! May all your wishes come true :) Enjoy! xx


  3. Aw, that looks like fun! Happy birthday! x

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  5. Happy birthday sweety!!!! It feels great being only 17 right???

    Eirini from

  6. happy bday!!! the party looks so much fun! :D

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  7. Thanks for all the birthday messages! X

  8. you and your girls are so cute! looks like you had fun and i see lots of possible fashion blogging in your pics!


  9. happy happy birthday!!! it looks like you had a blast! :D

    p.s. your princess cake is pretty. :)

    <3, Mimi

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