Saturday, 24 November 2012

Rain Rain, Go Away....

So it's another soggy Saturday and despite being soaked, I managed to get a few shots outside today!
I've been singing at my church's Christmas Fair this morning, it was so cute. Until, we were instructed to sing outside the entrance, where we froze to death! (Lucky for us the rain hadn't set in yet).

GUESS WHAT I'M NEARLY AT 100 FOLLOWERS, ON GFC - thankyou guys! I'm going do a little blog post when I finally reach 100, as I'm on 91 now, number 100 will have a lovely promotional post all about them! Thanks again to you lovely people out there X

Today I've gone really casual with some of my favourite jeans and coat - which I bravely went without in the photos! Oh, and please excuse the state of my hair - my darling assistant sister, found it hilarious to back comb my hair before hand...

 Because I've been so busy recently I've noticed some days my only inspiration has been what my family are wearing. With my 'working man's shirt' today, I think I many have been paying too much attention to what my dad's been wearing (help me now) - still it's soooooooooooo comfortable.

I'm also in love with my new umbrella. Or let me re-phrase that, mom's new umbrella - which I've been continently borrowing. So, thanks mommy! I never seem to find a umbrella that can actually face wind AND raid at once, without being destroyed. However this Forever 21 purchase, is still holding up - yay! 

What Blondie Wears: Jeans and Shirt - New Look, Jacket - vintage, Belt - Ebay, Boots - Primark, Umbrella - Forever 21
So there you have it, I'm now drying out by the kitchen fire, getting a head start on my pile of books sitting next to me. While my mom's away in LONDON, I've got a giant list of chores to do, which I haven't even started yet, so better crack on!

Enjoy your weekend - And stay dry!

Lots of Love,


  1. nice blog! stop by anytime :)
    xoxo Sienna

  2. Cutie. :) I love your hair, it's just like Blake Lively's!

  3. ah lovely post and great brollie :D x

    1. awh thanks - It's becoming my new best friend ;D X

  4. I know how the rain can be! Love that shirt you look great.

  5. I know - it was crazy yesterday! our road was flooded!
    And thanks! X
    Grace X

  6. I have nominated you for the leibster award :D - xo

  7. You look great girl. Great shirt!!
    P.S. I hate rain too

    Eirini from


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