Wednesday, 20 March 2013

A touch of denim...

Hello! Today's outfit post, is a little dress I dragged out of my exploding wardrobe! 

 I love re-wearing outfits and styling them in new ways - which I always encourage this when blogging (as there's no point buying something if you only where it once!).
Today's dress was a thrifty purchase last year, £3.50 from the sales! I've worn it a few times during the summer, but wanted to layer it up to create a spring friendly outfit! 

 I stole the jacket from my sisters wardrobe - though what she doesn't know won't kill her. Its great to have a sister who has a complete different style to you, so we can always do swaps on clothes when we need to.

 My bag hasn't left my side since I brought it a few weeks ago! It was a charity shop purchase, and is so strong (and surprisingly large inside.). This means I can stuff all my essentials in a bag which isn't oversized!  

 What I'm Wearing: Dress - Matalan, Belt - H&M, Boots/Jacket - Primark, Bag - Vintage.

Lots of Love,


  1. Love the dress and how you've combined it with the jacket and bag!
    - Charlotte

  2. Your dress is soooo cute! I love your bag too xx

  3. Super cute!

    xo Jennifer

  4. This is such a cute outfit!

  5. Great outfit! Love that pic of you tossing your hair.

  6. I like your dress, cute outfit! x

    ♡ E.

  7. Great outfit. Love dresses and jean jackets.
    Looks wonderful.


  8. I love your dress, and it fits so well with the jacket!
    Maria C

  9. Wow, that bag really is perfect! It's the perfect size and it looks like it'll go with anything. I love this dress, too. Versatile clothes are my favorite. I'm glad you were able to find a way to swing it for Spring.

    Kate from Clear the Way

  10. Are those leggings your wearing? The detail looks so pretty! Also, how long ago did you buy the matalan dress? I need it!:) Haha

    Sarah xxx

    1. Hi Sarah,
      Yes they are!
      And I'm afraid it was last year, but again, you might be able to get one similar off Ebay!
      Hope this helps :)
      Grace X

  11. Lovely outfit!

  12. ah your dress is so pretty- lovely outfit xx

  13. cute dress.....

    and thanks for your comment - sure, we can follow each other! :) following from now on ;) follow back :D


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