Thursday, 14 February 2013

Be my valentine?

Well, unfortunately for me, this years valentines (as most, since I was about 2) will be a night in. Accompanied by my favourite ginger cat, I'll be all tucked up in bed watching a heart throb movie, staring Channing Tatum and a giant box of chocolates!
Until my prince charming comes along *sighs*, it's not really a celebration day for me - more of a 'join in on the hate' day instead. Though I must say, it was nice to see my mom get a lovely bunch of flowers! And rather than waste the money on buying me an overpriced bunch, my parents opted to buy me this months issue of vogue (they know me too well!).

So whether your a Single-Pringle like me, or being over flown with roses, I thought I'd do my bit to say 'HAPPY VALENTINES DAY' from Blondie's Style Fix...

Lots of Love,


  1. Beautiful Flowers:)

  2. Lovely flowers!!



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