Thursday, 5 December 2013

Christmas Wishes - Blogger Secret Santa...

It's been a little too long, as UCAS applications and life in general has got the better of me recently. Since I last saw you I've had my first offer to study a history degree, (WAHOOO) which has put a huge smile of my face and I now have a desperate need to go celebratory shopping!

Today I received a little parcel in the post, covered in Christmas decoration - and despite knowingly opening it before Christmas day, I was so intrigued to find out what it was! I've taken part in a Secret Santa with a few other fellow bloggers. I won't tell you who mine is, as it will spoil the surprise, but my lovely parcel was from Donna from Polkadot-Pink...

oh and please ignore the photo quality - my cammera is currently on charge :(

 Donna sent me a lovely selection of goodies, including a wonderful scented Christmas Eve 'Yankee Candle,' which I've placed in my bedroom, ready to light at Christmas! It smells heavenly and was a lovely gesture! I also had a beautiful purse, with a camera detailed onto it - so she obviously recognised my love of photography! Inside the purse, was a beautiful pair of owl earrings (also one of my favourite animals) which I'm hoping to wear soon. Finally, my love of sweets has been rewarded with a big pack of EVERLASTING GOBSTOPPERS - so my Christmas is now sorted!

Thanks Donna for a lovely present, and I hope everyone else taking part loves their presents just as much as I do!

Lots of Love,


  1. So cute! A blogger Secret Santa is such a great idea.. Lucy x

  2. Great things!
    You have a lovely blog! Would you like to follow each other? Let me know! :)


    1. Thanks for visiting my blog! Just followed you! :)

  3. Wow nice gifts! I love secret santas! thanks for your comment! and yes lets keep in touch, now following u <3


  4. Some really cute gifts! Bloggers secret santa is such a cool idea, I'm awaiting mine to arrive and for my own one to be delivered! Exciting taking part in it :)


  5. Hi Grace!!!
    Nice gifts!!!
    I'm following you on GFC and I liked your FB page.... now is your turn!!!

  6. such a cute idea :) i would love us to follow :) xx

  7. So cute... :))
    I fallow you (447)

  8. Great post I hope you get all the UCAS offers you want (including York if you still wanted to go there)! I hated waiting for my offers to come in. Looks like you got some lovely things in your secret santa too :)
    Meg xx

  9. Well done on the history offer!!! <3 and omg those earrings are so cute! <3

    Emma xox

  10. Hi!
    Amazing blog!
    Would you like to follow each other? (GFC, Bloglovin, Facebook)
    If so, please let me know, I will follow you back immediately.

  11. Lovely staff! Especially the candle! Would you like to follow each other via GFC, bloglovin, facebook and instagram?

    Evi xoxo

    The Notebook of a Fashion Lover

  12. hi love :) following you back via GFC :) its a pink flower with ambi page :) xx

  13. but i don't see you only followers or your followers list :( xx

  14. sure! i'd love to follow each other here and if you want on other platforms like instagram, twitter etc.. (you found the url on my blog)
    let me know when you follow me and i'll follow you back! :)


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