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My names Grace, and say hello to
'Blondies Style Fix!'

When I started blogging a year ago, I was unsure about starting up. A blog in my eyes, was where people with big time problems posted everything dull about themselves... How wrong was I? It's such a fun hobby to have - and the best thing is YOU CAN WRITE WHATEVER YOUR WANT!

If your new to my blog or just new to 'Blondies Style Fix',  feel free to drop me a comment, email, or tweet @blondiegrace, I'll be happy to reply! 

I'm still new to the blogging universe so bear with me!

That's all, so enjoy reading into, my creative and slightly crazy imagination.

Lots of Love,


  1. hi just found your blog and am loving it :D new follower here! x

    1. awh, thanks so much Beth!
      I'll definitely make sure I return the follow - thanks so much!
      Blondie X

  2. Hi saw you tweeting about any blog design improvements email us at dollysnowflake@live.com I'd be happy to help x

  3. Hey im Recca and i would love it if you would check it out an drop me an e mail telling me what you think i would love it soooo much!!
    Thank You xxx


Feel free to drop a commet here! I'll try my best to reply to comment, and If you leave a link to your blog, i'd be happy to take a look :)